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[ appreciated this message about being the salt of the earth..we need to keep building up the body of Christ...that's why I go yo multiple churches & congregations..to build up the body & then the [...]

[ appreciated this message about being the salt of the earth..we need to keep building up the body of Christ...that's why I go yo multiple churches & congregations..to build up the body & then the light spills over & out into the world ] 1/2/11 crystal cathedral, sheila schuller's Salt covenant message part 2,...Jesus shook up the world...he was a salt shaker..hhe said "you are the salt of the earth.." u & me..also light of the world..be a candle in the darkness..One of last example ..wash disciples feet..S.A.L.T ..servant leadership team..tower..and cross..I was in high schooll when it went up..patients @ uci see it ..at night..I believe in a new tomorrow..also being salt..serving..our community..shake up community w/ flavor of Jesus..I came out of starbucks..last night w/ husband..date night..homeless man wnted money..but I won't give money..sometimes I will go back in and order food to go..and five it to them...also I give out peanuts at freeway ramps..we are salt shakers..we have empty seats..reserved..for broken..I have sea salt for food...I wouldn't use rock salt..its for driveway ice..are u sea salt or rock salt...how do we stay salty..talk abt this specifically today....don't usually get to talk this long if tapin for hour of power..but today I speak to local cong..daily weekly monthly component..daily..pray & read god's word..pray lords prayer every single morn..transform's my walk...keeps me salty..pray daily..I personally like the lords prayer..I add personal petitions while I say the lords prayer..also I read God's word..a psalm..a part of John...spend time in God's word..reading every day..diff techniques..sometimes I write it on a tsticky note..like this 2 cor 4.8-9..on fridge, on bathroom window,, in car, ...on computer..and I journal...about 2 1/2 booklets per year..like I'm writing a letter to god...way to tangible keep prayer life salty..not every day, but every other day..so daily read & pray..imp...God has called us to do amazing things..we need to stay salty..stay in prayer.weekly..worship God corporately..as an entire congreg..why imp...stay focused..come together..force to be reckoned with..when we worship..some r afraid to worship..don't b afraid..don't worship created but creator..its a temptation to worship self...that I am more important than God..first message I prepared for here..I thought. They will be impressed with me & this message then I remembered its not about me but about god..if you've been more impressed with me thn god then I've failed..music is not the creator..nor a pastor, nor a building..we worship god ...worshi..corporate worship once a week..Jesus worshipped once weekly..so did Paul..God wants u to do this..worship Him alone..psalm 135.. the people the idols of nation..silver & gold..mouth can't speak, eyes can't see, ears can't hear..think abt people who wrship idols..we have all fallen victim to it..coming to worship keeps u salty..once monthly..participate in salt covenant..be a salt shaker..join a mission team, once a mmonth, serve w/ others..small groups w/ a purpose..we want to put u into mission teams..makes your heart beat,,,wherver u r called..had salty tears..if had heart broken..cried ...good indicator god wants u..vision for crystal cat..see video..carpenter..camer to save us..to be the hands of Christ...save another...today..announce to u ..alex victor created that video..alex & janice ..near ensenada ..no water or electrcity..group called hands of mercy..will provide blueprints for homes..patterns for curtains..loaded on to truck..to encinitas..loft house..paint house...currently build 3 houses..build here..then bring..april 8,9,10...to bring..imagine a house for $3000. Covers everything..if u want to participate..put houses up...join team..this will be the mission for the first half..show world we r salt of the earth..harold shaw..go..& show..call to signup..some of u struggling..some of u there now..god has touched your hearts..this is an opp to say yes..if there..want to participate..give invite to come up & sign up..ministries,,,gardening, Monday meals, mission ministry, crystal cat..gave man things to world..wheelchairs to china, potatoes to russia, now more close to home,,god needs u...our purpose is to do god's work..other purpose to know..if a

Video added on: 02-01-2011 20:04:22
Categories: People
Keywords: crystal cathedral schuller kok vanderkok vander

Language: French
Shooting location: n/a

Video address: http://ww.kewego.co.uk/video/iLyROoafZtSg.html
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